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Q: What does DocView let me do?
A: With that program you can view a lot of different document types. The most common formats are built in. There is also an add-in pack on the CD to view even more file types. This is a viewer only program - you cannot alter the files.

Q: How do I get the correct MMS / WAP / e-mail / Internet settings onto my Sendo X?
A: Visit the Sendo “Over The Air” (OTA) configurator page, here:

Q: How do I return my Sendo X to the factory settings?
A: You can return the settings to defaults by choosing that option in the Tools / Settings / Phone / General / Original Phone Settings
You will be asked for a code. This is 12345 assuming you have not changed it.

Q: How can I format the phone memory?
A: Type *#7370# on the Now! screen. Make sure you have backup up your data first, as all data and settings will be lost. Also see below for a more severe method.

Q: My phone doesn't boot or turn on. It is charged OK, but will not turn on at all. Can I fix this myself?
A: First, try to turn on the phone without a memory card inserted. Next, try it without the SIM card.
If that does not seem to work, you may need to reformat the handset. This will clear ALL of the user memory, including data and programs. Hope you took a backup sometime recently! (see above)
To do this, turn on the phone with the 5 key pressed. A screen will appear saying to clear all of the memory. Select Yes to do it. If it works, the handset will power back on OK, and be like when you took it out of the box. Now restore your data and you will be back as good as new. Well, nearly.
If nothing happens then you will have to send it to your nearest Sendo Service Centre :-(

Q: How can I see the IMEI number on my phone?
A: Type *#06# to see your IMEI number. It is worth keeping a note of this in case the phone is stolen. The Police and your network providor can use this to “block” the handset.

Q: How can I see the software version number on my phone?
A: Type *#0000# to see the version and release date. To see even more info, go into Extras / About. The press RIGHT to see the System tab. The version info and date, and lots of other details are shown here. These may be needed if you need to contact Sendo support or the Sendo service centre.

Q: How can I update the firmware in my phone?
A: There is a USB update system to enable you to update your handset to the latest software version, see here:

Q: I cannot seem to find the answer to my question on the FAQ - help !
A: It is advisable before posting any new questions to search the All-About-Symbian forums first, and not just the Sendo X one. That is because most of the Series 60 handsets are similar, so other people, with other handset may have already asked that question. If it is a good one, why not make it into a Q&A type post, and put it here, to save others looking for it too.

Q: What sound file types are supported by the Sendo X, and which of them can I use as ringtones?
A: Sendo X can play MIDI, WAV and AMR. All of these types can be used as ringtones. It can also play MP3 with the built in MP3 player but MP3s cannot be used as ringtones. WMA files are not supported.

Q: How do I switch between programs or see what else is running on the Sendo X?
A: Press and hold the menu key. A vertical icon bar will appear on the left side of the screen showing all open programs. You can then scroll up/down to get to the desired one then choose select to continue using it. If a program is mis-behaving, then pressing the "C" key instead of the select key will attempt to abort the program. There are also commercial programs that do much more than this, listing a lot more about what is going on in the handset - one such example is AppMan.

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