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N8 Power Saving


I want to know a bit more about the home screens, widgets and email for my N8. So Im here to ask the experts

I had an iPhone 3G and upgraded last week to the N8. My battery life has not been great, but then I have been useing it quite heavily. (Sat nav and FM transmitter loads!, always on email)

Now I want to know more about the following:

1 - Email through OVI

I have had my exchange email on all the time. I belive this is via OVI, does that mean the phone will use a different method to get emails pushed to it, like the Apple push mechanism? So its always connected to the net?

I have turned this off to save power, going for an hourly fetch.

2 - Facebook via OVI social

I have my facebook account on a widget, does this use the OVI push mechnism too? So if this is on will turning off exchange push save power?

It doesnt seem configurable, I really only need it updating itself a few times a day.

If the widget is on the home page does it hold open a 3g connection?

3 - Offline widgets

What does the 'offline widgets' option do on the homescreens? I turnes it off and the facebook app still seems to update, as does the email (also on the homescreen).

4 - Power saving mode

What does this do and under what circumstances will it come on automatically? When active it seems to:
  • Stop scanning wifi networks
  • turn off 3g in favour of GPRS (2G)
  • Disable the clock screen saver when locked

Im used to charging every day, but I would like to know more about what the thing is doing so I have a choice! The userguide on the phone is a bit weak on detail.