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Cannot see all my Exchange Folders in MfE for Nokia E72

Hi Folks,

Since this is my first post here, please let me introduce myself: male 40 yrs, from Sweden with a great interest in technology and gadgets. Have been searching long for the perfect mobile, and my Nokia E72 is a favourite in this quest.

One problem though: I do not see all my Exchange Folders in the Mail For Exchange application.

Nokia Tech Support says it will only sync 10 folders, but this sounds bizarre + Nokia does not mention a limit anywhere on their website. I have synched 43 folders already, unfortunately not anyone of the folders i want though.

I do not need to browse the folders, as long as I can copy stuff from Inbox to them.

Would so appreciate a good advice in this matter. Speaking to Nokia Tech support is just a waste of time, since they have had me upgrading server software, moving folders around etc and now they are telling me that 10 folders are max..

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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