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IMHO it doesn't matter how the program arrived. If you have installed it once, you can install it again, as long as you still have the original installer. That's not the problem here.

The problem is that we STILL keep on trusting the backup/restore process, even though it have been proved to fail a gazillion times. Both of the above issues are well known results of a bad restore.

Backup's are for the situation where you are stranded with a dead phone in the middle of nowhere. Restore the backup to get you through the day and do a clean install when you get home, because now your phone is unstable beyond belief.

The key to resolve way more than 50% of all phone issues:
1. Sync your device with the PC and MANUALLY backup all photos, MP3s and whatever you need.
2. Format the storage card (also goes for the N95 8GB).
3. Flash the firmware or reset the device using the code *#7370#
4. Sync back the stuff from the pc and MANUALLY restore the files you backed up in step 1.
5. Install the soft you need.