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Originally Posted by Super Chimp View Post
What is the phone like overall surfing the internet? Are their any problems displaying pages, any sudden crashes etc?
Its been OK for me. I do tend to stick to a relatively small subset on sites though. Much the same as the N93 for me, though the browser is faster and seems to use less memory.

Originally Posted by mackarus View Post
When I played with a prototype Nokia N95 at the Nokia Store NY, I noticed that when taking pictures and video in horizontal mode and then switch to vertical, the sensor automatically switched. Rafe: Is that the case with the N95 you received?
I think I understand you, and the answer is yes.

Originally Posted by TomJ View Post
A quick question about the GPS maps; is it possible to add or download custom Points of Interest; one which springs immediately to mind is speed camera locations...
Yes, though you would have to add these one by one which might get annoying. I am fairly sure traffic cameras will be available as a premium add on sooner or later.

Originally Posted by Super Chimp View Post
Does the N95 have continuous AF on shooting videos like the production models of the N93i have? Or is this something we will have to wait for the production versions of the N95 to see if it has this feature.
No continuous AF on the one i have.

Originally Posted by Cehtna View Post
Can you put the mp3-files anywhere on the phone,
or does it have to be a specific folder?

Does the mp3 playback use a lot of batterypower,
can you do a test with continious mp3 playback?

Can I install the map of Germany on the memory card from the CD or download them from the internet and keep them on my memory card? I ask because data rates are much cheaper in the home network than when roaming, if I plan a trip to Germany, I want to install the maps before I go there..
Yes MPŁ files can go anywhere, but it makes sense to keep them to the sounds folders. No MP3 doesn't drain the battery that badly.

Yes you can install the map of Germany to the phone. I've done so for the UK and a few other European countries.
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