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Originally Posted by UKJeeper View Post
I would say "no", its not a hassle. It's great that someone is actually supporting the i8910. Samsung has failed miserably, and Symbian has no interest in supporting the phone.

The i8910 is worth the effort. Best 5th edition Symbian phone there is, no contest. Steve will agree with that. Its a shame its only kept as good as it is by people who have nothing to do with the company that sold it.
This. 100-times this.

BTW, I slipped my SIM card back into the i8910 and played w/ the update. You know, what I ran into? RealPlayer's stream ability in My Media. Can you actually get it to stream Internet Radio or am I asking for too much? Anybody...?

Anyway, the reception for it is suddenly flaky. I'm thinking (and I've been reading) that AT&T off-loaded much of its 3G signal in the NY area onto the 850 MHz band (to better accommodate the iPhone users), and since this phone supports 1900, the reception isn't as strong as I remember it being. It's mainly only on Edge, and even that seems weaker. Weird.