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N900 Test Pilot / Trial

Hi all,

Apologies if N900 is not entirely on-topic here, but the N900 is as close to the N97 as any other current Nokia device...

Anyhow, I have a 2 week 'test pilot' trial of an N900, courtesy of Nokia womworld. Thanks Nokia!

The N900 certainly is a BIG change (and a big fat handset casing!) from Symbian OS to Maemo 5.
It has taken me about 6 hours to find my way around the UI, whereas I can normally pick up an Symbian device and know exactly whats what straight away.

As an HTC Android handset owner, I can see where Nokia is trying to go as there are striking similarities between Android and Maemo OS.

One stunning ommission so far is the lack of native MMS support. I have downloaded a 3rd party MMS app, but so far it's not working, despite me copying the MMS APN settings from my Android handset.

I also cannot play flash videos (YouTube, iPlayer etc) but will keep working on it.

On a plus side, the UI is very fast and the 4 home-screens are totally customisable, way beyond the current S60 Symbian 5 UI handsets.

If anyone is interested, I will post more about my N900 trial over the next few days (assuming Rafe is OK with an N900 thread).

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