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There'll be more announcements in due course. Nokia has never been about just one segment.

And yes I do appreciate that many reading this blog are probably interested in the higher end device (and would read that news over this). Rest assured we'll be doing just as complete coverage when the high-end release(s) roll around (more so in all likelihood).

Yes, Symbian^3 is going to be the new shiny, but there'll be plenty of users on the older version too. These phones, while not high-end, are still taking smartphones / open platforms into new areas. I do think this is a point worth hammering home as its not something I see being widely understood (many honourable exception reading and commenting here of course).

And realistically Symbian^3 is a stop gap / transition on the way to Symbian^4 and Meego 1.0. In a sense 2010 is something of transition year - I think Nokia is going to get more hammering this year (even with S^3), as they did last year, but perhaps people will see the horizon a bit more clearly.

morpheus - I did enjoy your turn of phrase Getting the most out of something is not a 'bad thing' - it is good business. And Nokia did plan to do this, it has been sign posted for sometime... although it would be fair to say they've rapidly embraced (maybe increased emphasis) it after enjoying more success in the low and mid tier than in the high end this year. The same could be said about general success in BRIC - but then you would expect Nokia to play up the positive.

The point at which you need new stuff can be debated, but I believe we'll see some action on that front shortly. Also bear in mind why you understand the strategy, a lot of people do not - we're trying to make the point to them too!
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