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Configuring WAP (WPA Enterprise) on N97-Mini

My university has wireless network all over but i am unable to configure it on my N97 Mini. I am going to post the steps that uni has given us to configure on laptop, can you guys help me?

from control panel > network > manage networks

1: Manually Create Network Profile
2: In Next window these are the inputs

- <network name>
- Security Type:WPA Enterprise
- Encryption Type: TKIP
- Security Key: <blank for the moment>

3: In next step, Change the connection Settings

From security tab, Microsoft: Protected EAP is selected and then from it's settings, Validate server certificate is disabled.

Could you please guys help me out?


P.S: i have even tried to configure it after reading a tutorial posted on nokia forums, but i always get EAP-PEAP authentication failed. could someone help me?