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vista sux!

i for one am victim for this stupid vista crappy incompatible issue when i bought my new laptop.It comes with pre-install vista & I requested for xp but retailer said all the new pc/laptop are in vista's a shame how microsoft force dell,hp etc to install vista as default os. They should let us consumer choose which os to install.Yeah,i can downgrade or shud i say "upgrade" to XP but I'm using a tablet notebook,some of the drivers & features are design to run under vista & i will lose it if i upgrade to xp....but then again........ sigh...
and now, i cant run nsu to upgrade my n95-8gb v20 fw. to those who like vista,u either juz a noob who doesnt know shit about computer + programing or u are juz an ignorant imbecile.
power user will agree with me tat vista is really underpower,underperform, backward technology....

long live XP