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Originally Posted by 808state View Post
Thanks Dez,

I'm a bit of a novice at all this...

I didn't actually have a micro SD card, but I went and got one and tried it with/without/with sim/without etc and the same fault comes up, however, I think what I probably need to do is unlock the phone from the network as when I put *#7370# in, it asked for one...

You don't need to network-unlock the handset to format or flash the phone.

You appear to be consusing the Security code with Network Unlock code. They are 2 entirely different things.

The security code is a 5 digit code, required sometimes before functions such as formatting the memory, unlocking the keypad, etc. The default value is 12345. Try the format again with *#7370# then enter 12345 when asked for the Security Code.

The network Unlock code is a long number (around 15 digits I think?) supplied to you by your network for a fee. Upon entering this number, all SIM restrictions are removed, then you can use SIM Cards from other Networks, e.g. O2/Orange/Vodafone/T-Mobile, etc. You should even be able to use SIM cards from other countries after entering the unlocking code.
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