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We are trying the same thing. Are there any BT access points that will do this?


Originally Posted by witschey

I want to connect my P800 to a Belkin Bluetooth Access Point (Model F8T030).
The P800 has successfully discovered the Belkin Access Point and it has paired with it. The Belkin Bluetooth Access Point has successfully connected to my LAN and has ALSO been successful at connecting to the internet.

The problem is that I don't know how to initiate a Bluetooth serial connection FROM the P800.

I already know how to initiate a serial connection from a bluetooth enabled PC to the P800. But in this case I don't want to get the PC involved.

I want to connect to the internet using the Belkin Bluetooth Access point which is a self contained Bluetooth Access Point that is independent completely from my PC. This Access Point supports the Bluetooth Profiles of GAP, SDP, LAN Access, Serial, PAN. It has Network DHCP, NAT via Bluetooth. It also has built in TCP/IP.

Since the P800 is able to access the internet after a serial connection has been established between a bluetooth enabled PC and the P800 (initiated by the PC), then I guess that all I need to get internet access through the Belkin Bluetooth Access Point is to initiate a serial connection between the P800 and the access point.

The problem is that unlike all regular PDAs out there, the P800 doesn't seem to have a menu for establishing a serial connection or a LAN PPP connection with a bluetooth device.

Is any of you developing a program that would allow establishing a serial connection FROM the p800? Does anybody know if there is a third party solution for this, or if SE is planning to include this feature in the next firmware upgrade.


Paul 8)