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Did you find a solution to this problem?

I have the exact same setup and problem so I was wondering if you found a solution?


Originally Posted by witschey
cry The application you are referring to is a very good application for those people who want to connect their P800 to their bluetooth enabled PC; but unfortunately that is not what I am looking for.

You see the Belkin Bluetooth Access Point is very nice in that it is a self contained bluetooth access solution. The only thing that it needs is an ethernet connection and power. The Belkin Bluetooth Access Point stays on all the time, and grants bluetooth access to internet (if the connected LAN is connected to the internet) to any bluetooth client that initiates a LAN PPP or Serial connection to it. Manybluetooth enabled PDA's in the market are able to initiate this type of connections. For example Compaq Ipaq with bluetooth PDA Adapter Card from Belkin, Compaq Ipaq with Socket CompactFlash Bluetooth Card, Compaq Ipaq H3800 with built-in Bluetooth, HP Jornada with Socket CompactFlash Bluetooth Card, Casio Pocket PC, Toshiba 570 with Socket CompactFlash Bluetooth Card, All Palm OS version 4.1 or greater with SDIO card.

I think that the P800 is technically capable of doing it, but Sony Ericsson forgot (or didn't care) to ship the proper software for this. I am hoping that somebody who reads this forum will have come accross the same problem and will have either found a third party solution for this or created an application for it.

My objective is to put this Belkin Bluetooth Access Point in the TV room so that I can chat with friends and receive e-mail while I am watching a program....and so that my friends who also have P800's or some of the other PDAs I mentioned above are able to do the same at the same time. The Belkin Bluetooth Access Point allows something like 5 or 7 simultaneous users to gain internet access through it.

The PC solution you are referring to would work for me, because

- It requires a bluetooth enabled PC to be on all the time.

- It requires the bluetooth enabled PC to be close to the area where I want to surf (Sony Ericsson put a class 2 bluetooth transmitor on the P800; and that limits the range to 10 meters or so. Even with a class 1 bluetooth adaptor, which supposetly works for up to 100 meters) on my PC the range is only about 10 meters. Aparently the P800 which has the weaker signal determines the range).

- It requires the PC to initiate the contact with the P800 (I want the Bluetooth client to initiate the connection).

- It requires a lot of maintenance. The logs need to be cleared regularly on the solution that you proposed; and two application need to be running on that machine all the time.

But hey, thanks for replying to my post; and do let me know if you come accross some other solution.