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Some answers

I'm running firmware 4.13.

I don't think that the current problem is opl or Vexed related. Vexed was running yes, but since then, I have uninstalled both programs and they are not on the system at the moment. One of them could have started some process that is draining the battery, but that would surely not survive a couple of reboots.

I'm currently using the phone more as a pda than as a phone (except during weekends when the phone is used a lot). I do realise that using the phone and pda part drains the battery faster. That is not the problem. The battery appears to be drained with no use of the phone, e.g. during night time when all that must happen is the alarm must wake me the next morning).

I normally do cycle the batteries during weekends. Maybe I just have a bad battery. I think I should do some load testing on the battery and see what happens.