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Strange battery life

Hi all

My 9210 has a very strange behaviour when it comes to battery life. :cry:

When I originally got the 9210, the battery life was much shorter than expected. Sometimes I would get to the phone in the morning and the battery would be totally flat, even though there was lots of power the previous night and the phone part was off. I had to recharge every day or two.

Somehow, this problem fixed itself, and the battery life appeared as expected from the capacity of the battery and the published specifications.

Now, the problem is back. It started when I opened Vexed to have another go at level 30. Suddenly the program was terribly slow (and I do mean slow). It appeared that the opl engine had a problem. I uninstalled both Vexed and the opl engine (had to reboot several times to finally get both uninstalled). Since then I have the battery life problem. The battery now lasts approximately 24 hours. I have to connect the phone to the charger every night, or the battery will be flat the next morning.

Any suggestions?