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How can you possibly know the iPhone 4 will not perform as well on sunlight? Have you or anyone else tested it? No.
Knowing Apple do you really believe that they will go backwards?
I'm not an Apple fan but I seriously doubt it. This not Nokia we're dealing here.
There is no way they will go from the 3GS which is excellent outdoors to the new device with inferior performance.
This is wishful thinking on your part. Desperately trying to find faults with the new iPhone.

I am afraid you'll eat a lot crow when the iPhone is released.
Another example of extreme negativity towards AAS there. At no point in his text did Steve directly write that the iPhone 4 will have poor screen visibility in sunlight. He stated that an IPS screen is hard to see, and that the iPhone 4 has IPS, but made no direct comment about how the iPhone 4 performs. You are desperately trying to find faults in Steve's work, so get your own crow and season it, your lunch is ready.

The thing that puzzles me is my cheap compact digital camera. It has an LCD screen that is perfectly visible in all lighting conditions including direct sunlight, how does it do it?