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*bang*... GAH!... Apple got me...


The one thing my n95 has taught me is that there's a lot of things a smartphone can do that you'll never actually do with it. I've had ftp. And bit torrent. And terminal clients. Never used em except to go "ooooh, look, I can do [insert impressive thing]".

The one thing my n97 has taught me is that there's a lot of things you'll want to do that just won't work properly.

The one thing my wifes iPhone taught me is that everything on it works, all the time. Pretty much without fail. It might not do all the things a smartphone can. But with something like logmein I can just remote in to my laptop and do it from there.

I dunno if you heard, but there's a new iPhone in town. Looks fab. Has a camera that's only 5mp - but I've had an n97 for the last year FFS, i'll be happy with anything halfway useable.

Envirophone will take my n95 & n97 for about 200 quid, which funnily enough is about the same as the amount of line rental I've got left on my t-mobile account.

I'll get me coat...


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