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OK I agree - the keypad on the N82 sucks. But I stillll consider that most games just require the d-pad 90% of the time and that is fine enough if not brilliant.

As far as keypads go, IMHO Nokia have yet to repeat the brilliance found on early NSeries (including N93) sets which apparently were designed to ensure maximum usability as well as gee-whiz features. I did carry an N93i for some time. While I found the hardware and the interface perfect, it became too hard to carry in my shirt pocket. As a phone, it was not stellar simply because of the form factor that made it so brilliant for gaming and video. The same factor - weight - kept me off the N95 8GB too, surprising as it may seem.

As far as overall packages go, I think the N82 is pretty close to perfect. I urge everyone to at least look at the spec sheet and get some hands-on time with one , as well as the N93 (really good prices now), before switching to anything else.