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I can't believe you guys. Why does nobody EVER mention the N82?
Partly because it's so new that not many of us have had a go on it yet, but also partly because the keypad layout isn't particularly suited to gaming.

Obviously phone games will work on it, and the best phone games are suited to all keypad layouts, but if someone is in the market for a gaming-oriented device then the N82 probably isn't it.

Yes it does suffer from awkward keypad and slightly smaller screen of 2.4 inches, but that's about it. And it looks questionable, but isn't that true for every NSeries handset?
No, it's not. The N93 has an excellent keypad, which is how this N93 discussion began.

The N93's d-pad and keys in horizontal mode are laid out pretty much like those on the Game Boy Advance SP. Games work really really well on the N93, not just phone games but emulated games too.

The N93's strength comes from its form factor, but as no one has repeated this form factor there's not really any obvious replacement for it.

The way people keep singing praises of N93 makes me think it is still 2006. To be fair, N93 is a great phone, but time has moved on.
Move on to what? The N93 has by far the best keypad layout for gaming, I'd say it's better than even the original N-Gage/QD. There is no better phone to move on to if you want a gaming-friendly keypad layout.
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