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Originally Posted by krisse View Post
Tetlee, that's absolutely great that the reviews helped, it's exactly why I posted the story in the first place.

115 is a really good deal for the N93, fingers crossed that the seller is reliable.

When you get it, try out the TV Out function, it's really cool. I did a series of articles about it last year on an N95, but they apply equally to the N93 too as it's the same feature:
Yeah thanks, I'll check out that article. Was one of the features of the phone that had me sold, was amazed at the quality of some of the youtube videos showing System Rush via the TV out, almost looks like a home console

TBH I was initially planning on buying the N81, but the lack of the 3D accelerator chip put me off a fair bit, as did the lack of the TV out function and the stiff looking D-Pad. That's where these reviews helped me out and I think I made the best choice in the end for me personally, the general layout of the N93 looks spot-on IMO. The seller I used should be fine, has a perfect rep with well over 100 feedbacks and was really helpful & honest with the messages before & after buying.

Right then, lets read that article you linked to while I drink my cuppa tea