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Returning N95 / Broken N95 - Advice needed

I have a string of problems with my N95 (V10.0.018)

- Phone reseting while playing video, mp3 etc
- People cant hear me making calls and I need to 'reboot' phone
- Can only receive via infared,bluetooth cannot send.
- GPS only got a lock once and now allways shows my location as the place I used it succesfully

I cannot update firmware using the windows installer as after downloading the updates and starting the transfer to the phone stage windows stops recognising the phone as a device and the Nokia application freezes, luckily I was able to recover my settings etc.

I have had the phone for over a month so cannot exchange via T-Mobile. I have been told (despite the phone being obviously faulty) that I must send it back to Nokia (I wonder if i am covered by any consumer law for faulty goods?)

Now for some questions!

- Is returning my phone to Nokia the only option?
- Does anyone have any expeirience of actually doing this?
- What is the turnaround time, i.e getting the phone back
- Do they refurb mine or provide someone elses refurbed phone/new model?
- Will it have the newer and much improved firmware?
- Will I have to continue paying for a contract I cant use on T-Mobile while the phone is fixed?

Sorry for length, if anyone can answer any of the above I would be very thankfull.

Kind Regards, Crackajack