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Question 2GB card recognition problem?

Hi all,

I'm a newbie to this sort of forum, but desperate for advice

Very excited to get my new N73 in the post the other day, and hurriedly ordered my Sandisk 2GB MiniSD card for it as I'm off on weekend to Iceland soon & will be taking TONS of pics with the fab new 3.2mp camera. Trouble is, the phone can't make it's mind up whether it can see the MiniSD card or not.

First of all it says no memory card inserted, then I take it out and try again 3 times until it does find it. So I try formatting it, and it likes that, so I rename it. Then later on I try to move some pictures and it says no memory card inserted again. Again I take it out and put it back a few times and it recognises it. Then when I try to take pictures it says there's no card so it's going to use the phone memory

I've tried the card connected to my PC with the adapter and it's working fine on the PC, so my reckoning is there's a bug in the phone. Has anyone else had a similar problem, and if so could you please let me know how you got round it? I'm close to tears now, as I just got shot of my dreaded K750i that drove me round the bend with it's faults!!!

Hellllp me pleeeease....