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Hard Reset/format

It is apparent that the usual Green + 3 + * reset combination does not work with the N73. It seems the only options we have are the two numerical format methods which I am unsure what the differences are:


For all I know, they both do the same thing and require the same confirmation code of 12345 but I've been reading about how a hard reset is still better than those two options. Good luck with this and keep us posted on the results. I'm reluctant to install themes at the moment. BTW, thanks for the sticky

Off Topic: I got a screen protector today made for the N73 for 200NT (roughly $4.50USD) and it fits flawlessly. Sticking it on is quite tricky to perfect (as the tech at the shop failed 3 times before he got it right... oh well, their loss). The screen must be completely dust/fingerprint/oil free and you must not touch the buttom of the protective film or else a fingerprint is pretty much permanently stuck on the adhesive. It's well worth the money though, I'm not afraid of scratching the screen anymore. They also sell a shell that surrounds the whole phone with cut-outs at the keypad and the rear for the camera slider... but I found that overkill.