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Originally Posted by Arcane85
Hi all. Just bought the n73. Installed themes and worked perfectly. Until i tred to remove them. I installed the themes using the Mcard. and when i loaded the themes, there was the mcard icon at the side confirming it. and so when i changed to a new mcard(1gig) and tried to install the themes. the phone just told me it was unable to install them. However when i selected different themes, they installed just fine. I restored factory settings to the phone and formated the Mcards (both of them) and tried to install the initial themes using the 1gig Mcard but it still wouldnt work.
You could try the last resort FORMAT of the phone's memory *#7370#

Be warned this will clear all youe contacts, calnedar entries, connection settings, etc., so make sure you have backed them up. The Mcard contents will NOT be affected.