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Free Ram and themes

Here I post the result of a test that I made searching the way to free more ram using a theme:
I made a theme with only 2 colors (called b/w) and I have compared the free ram after a reboot using the Surfer theme, Curves and b/w. I have used the Now! (not the menu, that use about 100K) and the "compress memory" option in AppMan.

B/W 4,61 Mb (4,91 Mb compressed)
Surfer 3,50 Mb (3,82 Mb compressed)
Curves 4,50 Mb (4,78 Mb compressd)

The result is not very good... only 11 Kb more than Curves.
I'll try to make a theme with all the mbm files (I've compressed only the animation, appIcons and themeIcons files) in black and white.