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copy of a post I put in 9210 User's against Nokia. Comments ???

My 9210 refused to boot 4 weeks ago (all usual tricks remove battery reformat etc... tried)

It was sent to the nearest Nokia service center in Paris.
There is only one for the Paris area.

After two weeks ? Nothing, nada, no news !!!!
All calls (over 100 calls) are answered by a recorded voice saying that they are busy please wait.
We called Nokia France and tried to escalate. What came out is that this service center is Nokia France themselves.
We threatened to escalate in Finland.
They sounded annoyed and said they would pass the phone on top priority.
After four weeks ? Nothing, nada, no news !!!!

No this is not middle of Africa somewhere this is Paris France and a Nokia owned service center

I am glad I kept my old Motorola GSM as I can still at least phone

I run a company and considered a 9210 fleet. It's over.