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Dearís friends
After a long time I return back with a full story with my problem between Nokia After Sale Service and me. At 9-10-2001 I had buy one Nokia 9210 (Serial Number 350149102484954) and price of them 1027Ä euro CASH!!!. At 16-11-2001 this phone never open again after one reboot. On 19-11-2001 I send that to Nokia Service for repair. And the Nightmare becomes true. You know after how long time I take that?
Never. After 10 days I start to phone call them for some info about my phone progress. The answer of those people there is for some extraterrestrial UFOís buyers I think. All time tell me, this is a new model I have not spare parts for repairs, itís a difficult problem and blah blah blah. Any ways the days past and at Monday 10-12-2001 (after 22 days) Nokia Service call me in phone, and say to me my phone itís not repaired and must I go to take another one. And I go. What you think? The story has a happy end? No. The new phone itís not new, but a repaired on screen display phone, with scratches between top cover and display from screwdriver, keys with half-deleted symbols, and the most important the serial number itís 350149100323618. That whatís mean? Mean 2.161.336 devices on product line before my previous phone I think. And you know the fun on this story? The funny person there (maybe think to talk with UFOís buyer again) or (him has drink wine before) says to me.
This phone itís newer from you previous. Except (I think) maybe Nokia count backwards. Any way the story continuously with, talk-fight between him and me.
On the final him take that phone forÖ? And go inside to Service place.
After few hours I waiting there, give me back the same phone with new covers. That makes me REAL MAD. First I take that and I go direct to Nokia office in some other place. I explain all history there and after that I refuse to take that phone because I pay my money for a new (month) phone, and not for scratched, repaired on display older phone. Also I write WITH NOT AND NEVER ANSWER BACK LETTER to Nokia.
This is the original letter.
Dear Sir or Madam

I want to inform you about my problem here in Greece with Alpha Copy sa. First of all my Company title is xxxxxx sa and use for mobile communication between employers only Nokia Phones, 8590s 7110s 8210s 3310s etc. because I think had reliability and also itís a very friendly to user. For the moment had 22 Nokia mobile phones and I write you the IMEIís if you like about that. Any way I start with my problem with Service where has the Alpha Copy sa here in Athens. For my needs I buy on October-2001 one Nokia 9210 (1027 Ä) with Ser.Nr 350149102484954. After a month about at 18-11-2001 with an unknown reason the phone do not start-up. I send that to Alpha Copy Service for repair. After 15 days I start to phone call them, because I had lot of important data on it. On my phone calls the persons there explain for me the difficulties, about that phone. Itís a new model the company donít has spare parts stock and many other justifications. At 5-12-2001 I make one more call. The answer of that Company itís not possible to fix that and change it with another phone. At 7-12-2001 Alpha Copy call me and say the new phone is it at some Club Nokia Shop and I must go to take that. And I go. There give to me a used phone with Ser.Nr 350149100323618. From this number ascertain every body this phone itís older to my previous 9210. I donít care if this phone has good condition. But this has many scratches on it from screwdriver be twin display and top cover, on antenna, (from display repair may be) the keys also itís scratched, and I think. I buy what? A new phone and I change that with a used after a month total use? Or I buy a used phone in price to new? I want to know this is an After Sales Service policy of Nokia or Alpha Copy? And also what I can do for that? I have available for you all documents between me and Alpha Copy to verification the Dates and also the buy invoice from here. For any reason if you need that I send you with FAX.

Thank you for you time. Best Regards

xxxxx sa
Import Export Chemicals
Cleaning Machines
xxxxxxxx91 1xx-x3 Technical Director
Xxxxxx Athens
Tel +30 10xxxxxxx6
Fax +30 10xxxxxxx8
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Hey Mr Nokia you KNOW TO READ or NOT?
Any way because Iím not good to write so much, and after a long long time in the Galaxy like Starwar yesterday 2-1-2002 (after 47 days and one year changed) I take the new one I hope phone. And you know my friends the most important for me itís my data inside on my phone, have not access for all this time. Contacts, Plans, To Do, and any useful things for me because itís my working tool that phone and not a toy. Also now I think the next time IF and I say IF I have some problem with that, I send to, direct to Nokia factory with courier.

Best regards Happy New Year to All in this Friendly Foroum.