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Benchmarking symbian devices

It is generally believed that symbian handsets perform very badly in benchmarks, that's most likely why there aren't many of them and nobody runs them and shares the results. But I ran browsermark and sunspider on my Nokia 700 belle fp1 and got pretty decent results, of course not comparable to the newest and fastest droids, but the browsermark result was 40683, which is almost as high as the One V running ICS(according to gsmarena, the sunspider results aren't as great (4365ms), but still pretty decent, and on the level of HTC sensation XE(the same link) running gingerbread, though, the One V completes the test 1000ms faster. Anyway, Nokia has done a great job, atleast in improving the browser in Symbian. I can't compare anything else as I'm not aware of any other benchmarking suites which are multiplatform and run on symbian.HTML5test results are nothing to be ashamed of as well( In peacekeeper my phone got a result of 159 point, however i can only compare them with very high end devices as only the best scores are displayed there and i can't find other data.

So, don't be afraid to brag about your symbian devices, they are pretty great!

P.S. It would be interesting if other people posted their results.

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