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exact same problem for me

i've done the same things with the factory reset and gotten the same error with MFE as the only installed application on my phone.

what version MFE and phone software are you running (when in the MFE status page go to options and about to find this info)? my versions are - MFE: 2.07.000 & Phone Software Version: 100.07.7608-06. i wouldn't think that its a phone software issue since there have been no firmware updates, but i know several other people who are using MFE without the same issue either, so maybe its a hardware issue with the phone? your guess is as good as mine.

i'm going to try and call nokia tech support or stop in at the nokia store near me this weekend or by early next week. will let you know what i hear, do the same for me if you get any help. this lack of email/calendar/contacts is killing me.