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whats new, i like: + bluetooth 3.0 (will surely be relevant in 2011)
+ connect usb-on-the-go!

whats not hot, i dislike: - its 3.5" w/ 16:9 ratio screen is smaller than 3.5 iphone. how i wish they are wider like iphone (sweet spot) or at least make it 3.7."
- physical design and color is more youth-oriented. i wish its all-age friendly like iphone or htc desire (yeah, they are pricier but still..)
- being 1st symbian^3 phone, that would make n8 buyers as "certified" symbian3 beta testers for detecting early bugs and complains.
- ??? if the UI will be as snappy as iOS or android 2.2..or will be slow and boring?
I disagree regarding the screen. I think the 16:9 format is genius, the iPhone aspect ratio is terrible and looks dumb, esspecially when set head to head with a 16:9 nHD screen.

Does the silver or dark gray N8 look "youth"-oriented? I don't think so. The silver is my favorite.

According to Nokia themselves, the N8 will NOT be released until the software is READY! They have indeed learned their lesson.

Symbian^3 UI is snappy, smooth and very fast. Haven't you seen the N8 videos?