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It's so suprising to see this feature comparison thing done over and over again. And it's even more suprising to see people get excited over the spec sheets.
Especially when one of the Symbian flagships i8910 is a living (sort of proof that even best hardware doesn't make the best product when they are not properly used, wrapped in user friendly software, supported and developed further and so on...
Someone here pointed out that UX is what is most important. I agree with that. I wish reviewers would finally focus on comparing devices in everyday scenarios. Life is about performing and completing tasks (well...not only about that. Phones are supposed to help us in completing real-life tasks. Make reviews task oriented, not specs oriented.
How fast and how easy can the tasks be completed? That is what I would like to see measured. That would truly show how capable the hardware-software combination really is. MHz or Mpix do not show that.
I think this "longest feature list" / "biggest number" mania is what obviously plagues manufacturers. The bigger the numbers that describe the product, the better it is - seems to be the thinking behind decisions that influence final designs. This is utterly wrong. What's worse customers eagerly join this megahertz-megapixel-megawhatever;] race and believe that, say, 14mpix is better than 8mpix or that 1GHz CPU will perform better than 600MHz.
Everyone should do some reality check and thoroughly test the device in real-life use cases. And create the device that is truly and seamlessly integrated - with life. That will be the winner.