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What exactly do you mean by NO items in stock. I was at the celluloco page on the 22nd and they had the 30 items listed at that time. 5 hours later, the stock of 30 was gone. When I locked in today, they had 30 items in stock again. I tried to order one and it actually works. I canceled it before the last step as I will not pay 899$ for a Sendo. But nevertheless it worked. I can't state if celluloca has the phone really in stock because I didn't order and receive one. But neither can you, if you are not the distribution manger of Sendo, and even then you couldn't be to sure. I purchased quite a few items from different companys like Sony or Siemens even before they were shipped officialy to the distributers. And it weren't always beta types. In one case the main responsible manager was complete unaware that the product was hitting the market unofficially. She wouldn't lie to me. Blood is thicker then water. If you know what I mean. There are always ways to get things earlier, depending on the price you are willing to pay and your connections. The unofficial ones. ;-) So let's not argue if celluloco is having them or not. As we both can't prove the opposite. All guys are waiting for the news you promised. I hope you have some today.