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Originally Posted by Hopefullyuseful View Post

For the benefit of everybody here, unlocking is something that we can do for you at Vodafone, even if you haven't had the phone for the full length of your contract yet.

We can unlock your phone for free once you've had it with us for 12 months or more. Before that we would charge 20.00 for the official unlocking code that's specific to your phone.

Sometimes, using external unlocking procedures and software could possibly damage your phone and its software. We appreciate that this is your own choice. If the phone is under Vodafone warranty and unlocking affects your phone in any way, the warranty would be invalidated.

All we need is your phones make and model and the IMEI number of the phone which is 15 digits long and starts with 35. You can get it on a sticker in the battery compartment or by pressing *#06# on the phone.

You need to have a valid Vodafone mobile number too so that we can log the code on your account and check how long you've had the phone with us for in case we need to charge for the code.

For pay as you talk, where the phone is less than 12 months old, your number needs to have at least 20.00 credit on it. This will allow us to debit the 20.00 charge.

Usually we can provide the code and full unlocking procedure within 3 to 5 working days of you asking us for it.

so i see.. For all the people with unlock code for N95-8Gb from vodafone-UK.

I am a vodafone customer too. I got my unlock code from voda but with no instructions, as it was very hard to listen to the customer service's dude with an accent i barely understood. So could someone please tell me the instructions on how to do it.

Because i see that there are 2 versions:

some say you have to have a voda sim card inside to unlock and some say you don't. (which is right???)

Can someone help me out? I am currently aboard.