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I just changed SE 750i to Nokia E65 and already am very disappointed even with simple and basic functions:
1. No auto-key lock. Key lock should be always confirmed by pressing digit. It takes time, because phone is slow.
2. When you add photo to your contacts they appear so small, that they become absolutely useless. I was used this option when driving a car.
3. Display size is OK, but font size is absolutely to small and you can't change it. (I don’t need glasses, my vision is 20/20)
4. Incredible fact – digits on keypad are not illuminated, so you can’t call 911 if its dark. (My old SE has even flash light)
5. in two weeks I had to shut it down and restore factory settings 5 times, because phone was not working.
6. I understand that this is a business class phone (not a cheap one), then the question is: why there still are not available any accessories for this phone (car holder, desk charger, etc…)?
I am sure I will have more comments when I will try to use 3G, GPS and other software…..