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Haha @ snoFlake! Too true my friend!

Can't believe something as simple as a theme could cause problems with Nokias "Flagship" phone *Rolls eyes*.

The fact that it has to use default icons to "save ram" is absolutely pathetic, I feel sorry for all the N97 owners I really do, having to micro manage everything they do just to keep the phone running even going as far as having to turn BASIC functionality off (Facebook Widget) give me a break. What a joke, yeah, Symbian's an amzing OS like, REALLY efficient. Ha.

Hey Pizero, great theme nonetheless, have you never thought of venturing outside from Symbian like Android, WM or for jailbroken iPhones? I think you'd do great in any of those scenes :-)

Sorry for my rant above, just think the N97 is a joke