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Music Player: system error


ok ppl... i read a lot of threads about this problem and i tryed almost everthing but i still can't get my music player to work... i'm gettin paranoind over here!!

i have 3 mmc cards:

default 32mb nokia card
kingmax 128mb card
A-data 2gb plus(200x) card

i can play music with my n-gage from the 32 and 128 mb cards without the tinyest problem... but when i'm tryn to open the music player with the 2gb card inside.. loaded with mp3's i get the "music player: system error" error.... the music player opens if the card has no mp3 or aac on it

i formated my card at least 50 times with the n-gage with windows with 7tools.. i erased the invalid partitions... i made it bootable... i deleted the playlist.dat but still it doesent work... pls help !!!!

i'm tyred of listening to music on my 128 mb card and having to change to the 2gb card whenever i want to play a game or watch a movie

and if u have the solution pls explain it clearly not like this:

"Go to the music player one time after formating the mmc or changing the music via the menu key! then after opening the music, the next time hit the player key and it should open it as usual... a glitch.. "

thanks in advance