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Reality check:
Android's on between less than 1% - 2% market share, Symbian's on 41%.
Android's now selling 200,000 phones a day, Symbian's selling 300,000. You do the maths.
However, Symbian has been around since the late 1990s. Android has been around since 2008. If we look at the trajectory, Android is in ramp-up mode. Symbian is growing slower than the rest of the smartphone market.

Even if we accept Symbian has a long future as a low- to mid-range OS, the assertion that it somehow helps them at the high-end is a bit dubious. That said, I do agree Symbian will survive in the low- and mid-range segments. Nokia has such huge economies of scale, it's difficult to see HTC or others making significant headway in the next 5 years.