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Originally Posted by lovesign
Think what you like, my friend, but that comparison is pretty much how it is. If you are having problems with Adobe Photoshop or Lotus Notes, you go to Adobe or Lotus. If you went to Microsoft, they would just tell you the same. Symbian provide the "Operating System", that is, the platform that Nokia use to develop software for their mobile phones. Symbian OS features on other makes of phones too, not just Nokia, and they all differ in many ways. Much like my Windows installation is wildly different from yours or anyone else's, so is Nokia's implementation of the Symbian OS for their devices.

Your problem centres around an issue with a Nokia application running on a Symbian platform, therefore Nokia are the ones to contact. Symbian do not provide support for the devices that run it's OS.

Persevere with Nokia. They are the right people to be contacting regarding your issue.

Good luck.
ahh but i didnt know nokia edited the OS from symbian i thought they just place them om the phone as they come from symbian. ok but then you are right indeed. thanks for the information

im goin to mail/contact nokia
i let it know what i get as response.