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Originally Posted by helpmeoutplease
Huh? why do i think thats not true? Cause is it not true that symbian made the OS software, and nokia only uses it, so symbian is the developer of the software and here with responsible for mistakes?

I think the comparison you made doesnt match. Its more like when i buy a computer from the store with windows on it, and when windows has an error in the software, its not logical to go back to the store who sold me the computer but to microsoft who made the software.

and in this case symbian is the make of s60 OS software for nokia. i bought the phone from nokia but be hounest they can't edit the software since they didnt develop it.

i found a email on symbian for developers, i mailed them but i get no response... arghhh maybe i should mail nokia, so they can send it on to the person who does know something about it..
Think what you like, my friend, but that comparison is pretty much how it is. If you are having problems with Adobe Photoshop or Lotus Notes, you go to Adobe or Lotus. If you went to Microsoft, they would just tell you the same. Symbian provide the "Operating System", that is, the platform that Nokia use to develop software for their mobile phones. Symbian OS features on other makes of phones too, not just Nokia, and they all differ in many ways. Much like my Windows installation is wildly different from yours or anyone else's, so is Nokia's implementation of the Symbian OS for their devices.

Your problem centres around an issue with a Nokia application running on a Symbian platform, therefore Nokia are the ones to contact. Symbian do not provide support for the devices that run it's OS.

Persevere with Nokia. They are the right people to be contacting regarding your issue.

Good luck.
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