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Exclamation Big SMS problem

I am about to lose my mind, I bought this n73 and I like the phone. But there is something that makes me go crazy. Before I had a Nokia 6230i and when I used to write messages with special characters like ğ«şŁı I had the possibility to use 160 characters in ONE messages. With the Nokia n73 when I use one of these special characters, just by typing one of them, it reduces the 160 characters just like that to 60 (up to max 70), so it reduces it with 100 characters in once. I think this is not logical and it HAS to be a mistake in the software! I called Nokia en they said its normal, it took them 10 minutes to research, that cost me 5 euro for that answer (50 cent per minute), and thatís what they call a professional helpdesk?

So what can i do else? I thought about contacting Symbian about this cause I donít agree at all that this is normal. But I couldnít find a email address of a phone number. Maybe some one else has a solution to this problem ore the contact information I need? Thanks in advance.