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????? ookay. I often wonder when i read comments like this whether the user even knows what they are doing or if their android is faulty. Hj havent come across many fart apps or vuvuzela apps,but then again i usualy have an idea of what i want and even the 1st page of android market has some great and useful apps and good game recommendations,is this where you are getting many fart and vuvuzela apps? there must be something wrong, id suggest hitting search for what you want or go to apps and look in the categories.

Widgets are there to extend apps that are already there and also provide info in a way you want e.g weather widgets, i dont know of many s60s with a weather app built-in and even then you usualy have to go and open the app each time, with widgets its there in your homescreen, same with latest news,calender entries,facebook etc...most of these are built-in to androids anyway,only widgets i had to download was one that shows my exact battery left,internal mem and mem card mem on my homescreen and a weather widget, i find them pretty useful,but thats me.
Only necessary app i had to get was Astro file manager other than this android has everything and more, s60 still sucks at even showing true battery amount left yet in android i have the indicator and percent that are far more precise.
Wired tethering is even easier on android, i got Easytether, which i can do on any pc within 5mins,on s60 you have to get the pc suite and then find the tether app etc...takes forever.
lol i love how it went from a 434mhz CPU to 128mb RAM. WELL 128MB RAM on S60v5 sucks to!! Get off the "symbian is effecient/can run on low end hardware" crap as the N97 totaly killed that arguement, symbian is crap on low end hardware thats just how it is.
obviously you have a lot of hate and frustration for symbian and that's where your judgments are coming from. Words like "crap" , "Totaly destroyed the user experience"? Maybe you meant "your" experience? Sure, I agree compared to you 1ghz X10.

You have a point about the N97 but I doubt 5230 or that ZTE buyers will multitask beyond playing music while texting or viewing notes/calendar/pictures. By the way, my 2.3Ghz dual_core laptop is more battery efficient than my 1.6ghz single core laptop with almost twice the battery cells. So higher mhz does not mean worse battery. It could be a lot of things like antenna, screen, etc. . .