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I seriously don't place my comments regarding 'anything' without knowing it first. I've used android, the almighty Galaxy S to be specific, and I've gotta admit that I was the display! Apart from that, everything felt 'gimmicky'. Okay, I'm not advocating s60 5th here since it's seriously inconsistent, but the function is there which is rendered half-useless by some stupid interaction choices. They are being rectified in symbian^3, and I believe 'it's better late than never'. As for symbian 'Is hard to use', 'hard' is a very subjective word. Personally me, along with my friends prefer ubuntu to windows. The former is much more command line driven, not nearly as easy to use as windows, but any hardcore computer geek will find it more enticing. Yes, android integrates all the programs into the system, it's got live widgets that boost the UX, but it hasn't yet covered the basics like wired tethering, just to name one. You feel android is much better than symbian, very good, just don't try to preach at us (hardcore symbian users), as we will always mark you (and others like you) as the fox in Aeshop's fable who got his tail cut in a trap and then tried to signify it as glorious. It's allaboutsymbian, and you know the triumphant!