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"When I was on my N97, I hardly used it to check emails/news/ weather/etc. Now I do all those and more; a lot more often on my Android phone."

Okay, no hard feelings, but I sincerely believe you hardly know how to use symbian; since I do all those on my severely outdated 5320 (not 5230!), and a lot more for years! I can run various python scripts on my phone thus significantly increasing the productivity, and this is something no other platform out there can offer. Yes, symbian's got an outdated browser, it's got a lousy interface; but that's a very low price to pay for the functionality it offers. And re 'people who buys cheap smartphones can barely exploit its potential' - that's not entirely true. I bought my phone for a mere 120, and I believe I exploited its potential more than many n97 users ever could out of their flagship phone. At the end of the day, its not the phone that limits its usage, its the user who decides its limits.