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Gotta give it to ya, this really is the best forum around!

Hello all!
last week, i went through alot of forums, from many interests and stuff, from the neonode forum to the ferrari forum
And this forum, beats them all! (AAS!)
I mean, i have nothing against the nenode forum, but they're so unfriendly i don't even feel like posting!! I only posted 9 posts there, and alot of words were being used and you feel like crap! You don't learn, you fight! Dunno if it's now been changed, but those were past experiences (a couple of days ago )

Meanwhile, you can ask what a 7650 is in this forum and get a regular answer without any mockery or whatever.

Just wanted to tell ya all, thanx for making this place what it is

And enjoy the last hours of 2002, while you can, cause 2003 is mine!! ALL MINE!!

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