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i ditched mine and got the omnia hd (i8910)

brilliant handset with great hardware very underated

i used to hate the iphone but a couple of mates have the 3gs and its nicely built and doesnt cause them any major issues and if they have had problems apple have done over the counter swaps for them which was really good service , they have some good handy apps and the camera isnt to bad for a 3.2mp , iam a symbian lover but i reckon id choose the 3gs 32gb over the n97 as well , it has better hardware under the hood and runs nicer , the n97 should have had 256mb ram and a 600mhz processor with added 3d gfx support and open gui capabillities , knowing how underpowered the n97 it would make it hard for me to choose it again or recomend it and thats without all the gps and camera problems ive had over 4 devices :-)

at the minute the phones on the market id choose are

iphone 3gs

everyone is different though but i just dont think the mini or the classic cut it as they are underpowered s60 5th devices , s60 5th needs more then 128mb ram and 434mhz processor , it was ok on s60 3rd , but with live widgets and a more hungry o/s the ram should have been upped to 256mb and the processor changed to a 600mhz processor , having limited ram and a old processor is going to limit these devices for furute proofing and i would expect them not to be powerfull enough to run the next implementation of symbian coming in april may this year , which is a shame and means people will have to buy a new device to test the new symbian os , maybe

i tryed to like it as well with four different handsets then made the switch

everyone to their own though some people will love it some will hate it , i just find it another n95 remake that isnt even as powerfull as the n95 8gb or n82 in terms of cpu power , gps accuaracy , o/s speed , durabillity , camera quality , ram size , 3dgfx capabillities ,

when you think that the hardware in 2-3 year old nokias is probably better then surely it starts to make you think hummmmm hold on a minute is this n97 so great when my 2-3 year old n82 had a more powerfull hardware setup lol

but as many say horses for courses and all that :-)