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N97 - Time to call it a day

Well, I stuck with it since launch day. I tried to be happy with it despite all the bugs and problems, and tried to ignore the fact that I dropped 500 on a phone which was clearly unready for release. I tried to ignore the voice in my head that kept reminding me of everything that was wrong with it but finally sanity kicked in and I realised it was time to call it a day. My N97 is no more. Gone to mobile heaven (or in my case, Mazuma Mobile).... may it rest in peace (as opposed to the pieces it nearly rested in).

When I needed to make an important (and time critical) call it decided to freeze completely. Wouldn't reboot, battery removal and reboot didn't work until the 4th attempt. Twenty minutes later I managed to make my call but the decision was made. I had to get rid of it while I could still get something for it (it came SO very very close to being demolished).

Good luck to everyone still using the N97. I'm not mocking you or anything else like that, just hoping you have a better experience than I've had. The sad thing is I'll miss the Symbian OS, but blame Nokia for me jumping ship completely. Nokia have lost a long term and loyal user, though I doubt they give a shit about that. I never thought it would happen but I now own an iPhone (no jeering please). After changing to a Macbook Pro earlier in the year and enjoying the change from a Windoze laptop (and after owning an iPod Touch for ages) I went and had a look at the iPhone and liked what I saw. I was already familiar with the OS thanks to the iPod Touch and was impressed with how much quicker it was in general operation. Yes, I'm aware of its' shortcomings and of the differences between it and the Symbian OS but for me it's like a breath of fresh air. No doubt someone will reply listing all its' faults but I'm really not interested. I weighed things up and considered everything I needed in a phone and the iPhone suits my needs, plus I simply had to get rid of the N97 to save my sanity.

So, cheers to all on AAS. It's a brilliant site and the forums have provided much information and entertainment. I'll keep visiting but I'll be an 'outsider' from now on.