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For those who asked or are interested...

I sent my RM-507 N97 off for GPS/lens scratch repair.

When I got it back, the NokiaCare center has wiped the E: drive and reinstalled the latest factory distro of v12 firmware (including Spore, Guitar Hero, etc.).

I then did a restore from backup saved on my F: (excluding messages).

Then I did the v20 firmware install last night.

I'm now down to 3.7 MB on C:, most things are running fast and fine, except...Adobe Reader has bombed on me trying to open a recently downloaded .pdf file giving an error message about Incompatible Security Manager.

My licenses for Adobe Reader LE and QuickOffice seem to have persisted (from the RESTORE to v12 process?) through the v20 upgrade, but act a little funny on opening files compared to the previous installation. I'm keeping notes and will comment on those programs on separate threads.

Right now my biggest concern is the major loss of C: drive space.