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The best way to ensure album art appears on all your tracks is to add it before you put the music on your phone.

The image for the album art is stored within the .mp3 file, so placing it in the same folder won't do the trick. Here's what I do.

For MP3 files, I use a free application called MP3Tag. Install this app and drag and drop the tracks (or folders of tracks) you want to put on the phone into MP3Tag. You will now see a list of the tracks and to the left, all the tag info for each one. I won't go into any great detail here, just how you add your artwork. Select the tracks you wish to apply a single picture to and then drag and drop the image file into the image place holder on the bottom left. Then press save. Job done.

You can also embed the images using Nokia Music, simply br dragging and dropping the image onto the album art placeholder.

I gave up doing it directly on the phone a) because it was too fiddly and b) because it didn't work properly. However, I haven't tried it on the N95 or N97 so I take it it still doesn't work properly?

Anyway, here's a link to MP3Tag...
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