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Originally Posted by sngltnc View Post
I have tried minimising Google maps but still cant get a lock on Nokia Maps. When I started up Google maps, location started over USA, top right corner said updating location, then it located me as UK within 1100 metres of my exact location. I have been told that Google maps does not locate via the GPS receiver, I personally do not think this is true. There must be a part of the settings that I do not have right but I cant pinpoint it! I know it should be working as it is, I previously had the original N95 and it locked on without a problem!
well since google maps approximated you to 100 meters, that means that it was triangulating via the cell towers, not using the actual GPS. yes, google maps DOES use the true gps chip in the n95. when i use google maps it shows the number of satellites in the top right corner of the screen. something is wrong with your agps settings. search around for the nokia server address that is supposed to be listed in your positioning app. something is wrong, because nokia maps and google maps both work fine using the gps, getting a solild lock within 15 seconds. so dont give up, it does work well. something just isnt right with your phone.