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Originally Posted by azzy View Post
Question to Gavin151, I ordered one from there handset was also a US version, thats why I sent it back, unless they have got a different batch. Did you check the imei number with Nokia, they will be able to tell you if it is the UK version or the US, thats what i did i rang nokia.
Hi there, ah interesting - I just assumed it was UK (from play). To be honest i am personally not bothered if it is US EXCEPT I decided tonight (10 miutes ago) that I was going to try and get it replaced since the wobbly slider has finally beaten my resolve to ignore.

The thing is....on the website I cant select the "return this item" button but I can for toher items.... which worries me that it is a US issue and wont exchange it :-(

Did you have any trouble getting a refund for the US one you got sent?